Ideas for the management and development of physical stores in the network age

Over the past few years, with the rise of the Internet economy, physical stores have been greatly affected. According to the survey, the turnover of physical stores has decreased by about 20-30%, and the impact rate has been increasing. If the physical store operators are still Insensitivity walked the old way, and did not understand how to die in the end. 

Ideas for the management and development of physical stores in the network age

Now many smart businessmen have embarked on the road of combining physical stores with online operations. Online and offline go hand in hand, and the effect is obvious. This may be the direction of the development of physical stores, especially small physical stores in the future! Take one of our Qixiu nano washing powder distributors as an example to illustrate the problem. 

Her name is Wang Na, and she has been operating a department store for many years. The annual profit is more than 100,000 yuan. The profit is considerable and life is happy. But after the rise of online shopping in recent years, her department store business plummeted, and her profits were halved. She was so worried that she couldn’t be happier. 

In order to make the business better, she racked her brains and exhausted the methods, just to no avail. Later, he realized that many of his friends had started shopping online, and he suddenly realized. After she distributes our Qixiu Nano Washing Powder, I often go to his shop to talk and

communicate. She told me: “In the past few years, online shopping has indeed made me lose many customers, especially those who are busy on weekdays. People who spend their time shopping freely can go shopping as long as they click the mouse in front of the computer without leaving the house. Why not do it?” 

Therefore, Wang Na believes that as an emerging shopping method, she should also make good use of it. Internet, use your own advantages to open an online store and sell goods from the Internet. Since I have opened a physical store for many years, it is also more convenient to open an online store. In 2007, Wang Na bought a computer and participated in online training. After everything was ready, she opened a online store on Alibaba Taobao while operating a physical store, both online and offline. 

When there were no customers on weekdays, he contacted online customers in front of the computer. When he saw a customer coming in the store, he got up and greeted him, and he made full use of the time sooner or later. She told me: “After nearly half a year of running-in, the online store has gradually improved, and the presence of physical stores has gradually improved the business.” She said happily: “So far, business has basically returned to the previous level. I opened this online shop at a loss, otherwise I would really close the door!”


Look at our Qixiu nano washing powder business situation is the same. In April of this year, after we opened our online business, the business has obviously improved. With the combination of online and offline, our sales volume has more than doubled! It can be seen that in the era when online shopping is gradually rising, the direction of physical stores is to transform immediately, taking the path of combining physical stores with the Internet. Countless facts have proved that this is the best way for small physical stores to get out of the predicament.


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