Recently, I researched personal blogs to make money and read many articles about how technicians make money, but they only talked about the general situation but did not provide specific methods and strategies, that is, the “art” and “path” of making money. This article shares with you how to make money based on personal blogs. If you like this kind of article, please pay attention to the public account “New Vision of Program” and tell me, maybe a series will be formed.

Jobs and Bill Gates

In 1981, at the headquarters of Apple, a two-person meeting of the century in the field of personal computers was held. Jobs and Bill Gates discussed cooperation and showed Bill Gates the newly designed McIntosh computer. The operation of the graphical interface shocked Bill Gates while also creating a powerful opponent for Jobs.

To tell this story, I want to explain two points: first, whether sharing these dry goods will cultivate opponents for myself, because I am also doing a personal blog; second, to explain the difference between “art” and “dao”, Jobs is more used ” “Technology” to innovate, and Bill Gates uses “Tao” more to integrate profits.

This article explains how to make money through a personal blog, which is also based on this “art” and “Tao” fusion.

Don’t listen or ask

You may have heard that personal blogs are no longer making money, after that era. You may also search for “can I still make money by doing a personal blog”? For such questions, do not listen or ask, just do it.

The so-called “after that era” is just past the era of huge profits, but it does not mean that no money is made. Through search engines, you can search thousands of websites, and these websites produce hundreds of millions of new content every day.

If you don’t make money, why? Those who do not make money may only be some of them.

Change of thinking

If you want to make money through blogging, please discard the stereotyped “expert” advice, such as: how to stay passionate, how to keep writing, how to develop good writing habits, how to innovate content. This is all based on the “technical” level, and is all the same correct nonsense.

Now let me tell you, if you want to use the blog correctly, you must first change your role: you are not a blog author, but a CEO of a startup company. You need to run your company like a CEO and think about it like a CEO, not just a hobby.

Let a personal blog be transformed from a hobby to a product of an enterprise, so that it can be converted from the “technical” level to the “Tao” level for thinking and planning. If you say that blogging is pure hobby and you don’t want to make money, then there is no need to continue reading.

Make choices based on the market

Make blog content choices based on market needs, not just passion. Speaking of the reasons for blog failure, 95% of people think it is because they are not “enthusiastic”. Wouldn’t it be enthusiasm if you can get huge profits every day through blogging?

The reasons for the failure of personal blogs are the same as the reasons for the failure of running a business: unprofitable.

Now look at your personal blog, is it playing casually according to hobbies? Today’s hobby, tomorrow’s interest, the next day with emotion…

If an enterprise runs a product, will it be so casual? Will it be so all-encompassing? In this way, you will only become exhausted and unprofitable.

Now change from a Blogger to a business operator.

As a business operator, it is not about passionate writing, but to analyze the business factors of the segment you choose: audience budget potential, professional influence, and market demand.

Audience budget potential

What are the core factors for a product to succeed? Of course, it is to solve the pain points of users and provide value for users. At the same time, consider how much users are willing to pay for this.

First of all, you yourself are the audience of the blog, and by extension, think about what your content can bring to the audience? Then, combine your expertise to provide professional content and solutions.

If you say, I just want to write an article to vent my emotions. Although you are naturally the audience at this time, it is useless to most users.

Like the more famous personal blogs in the technology circle: Liao Xuefeng’s personal blog and Ruan Yifeng’s personal blog. They all provide valuable content for entry-level technicians, and then make profits through advertising and selling online courses.

Advertising is a “wool out of pig” model, and the online course is well positioned. New programmers are willing to pay a certain fee for learning, and they also have the ability to pay.

These are more traditional practices, but if you are operating as a business, do you consider doing something to increase revenue by dozens or even hundreds of times? The idea is simple, choose a richer audience and be able to provide them with core services.

As a simple example, if your professional skills allow you to design a lot of good solutions. If you just publish these programs on your personal blog and earn advertising costs through traffic, your income may be pitiful. But if you package this into a product, from B2C to B2B, to provide solutions for the enterprise, your income will definitely grow exponentially.

The time cost and operating cost of this process are almost the same, but the benefits are doubled.

Core refining: When choosing a segment, give priority to how much the audience can bring you, and think about whether you can convert from ToC to ToB. Close to the most profitable areas.

Professional influence

After choosing an audience and providing them with core values, the next step is to discover better strategic advantages than others.

Ask yourself:

  • What is my current entrepreneurial ability? At what level?
  • What resources do I have in this industry?
  • Can I use my professional experience to build a profitable blog?
  • Who will value what I do from the beginning?

To build a successful blog, the most important thing is to build influence and establish authority. And these require you to get out of the comfort zone and make full use of your network resources, expertise and everything.

Some people may ask, just write a personal blog, is it necessary to stimulate the teachers so much? Don’t forget, you are running a business now. Take two examples of knowledge-paying circles: Luo Jiwei and Fan Deng reading.

In the beginning, Luo Jiwei just shared a weekly knowledge video talk show on Youku, and later updated a voice on the public account every day to build personal influence, and then there was “Get” product.

In this process, Luo Fat used almost all his connections, expertise, learning ability to break through the comfort zone, and perseverance. (Make an advertisement, my WeChat public account: the new horizon of the program, and it has been constantly updating dry goods)

The same is true of Fan Deng’s book club, both offline and online. These can all be borrowed from the operation of personal blogs (or even other content platforms).

There are many examples of knowing that Big V has gained fans by answering questions and successfully diverted to personal products or platforms. As for personal blogs, this involves backlinks in SEO and is also one of the forms of building influence.

Another one, if you have a strong background (from BAT or ATM), you can also put it on your personal blog as a reputation endorsement.

Core refining: build a brand, establish influence, and use all available resources to manage your “products”, not just rely on passion, three days fishing and two days drying the net.

Market demand

After considering the audience and building the brand, it is time to investigate how profitable. Soso to see if anyone is searching for your topic and paying for the solution.

In the niche market of your choice, choose 5 to 10 keywords and then use keyword analysis tools (Google Keyword Planning Ambassador, Baidu Index) or better SEO tools (such as Ahrefs) to analyze.

If the search volume of your top 5 keywords reaches a certain level (for example, at least 5000 times per month), it means that someone is interested in such topics.

Personal blogs make money

At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to the difficulty score of keywords (from easy to difficult 0-100). If your keyword difficulty score is 80 or higher, the competition may be too intense to have an impact. Search for target keywords more than 5000 times a month and the difficulty factor is less than 40, so you can get more traffic with less competition.

Another way to view competition is to use SEO tools similar to Ahrefs to view search engine results page (SERP) data. Specifically, look for the history of the domain name authority (DA) and SERP location on the home page results.

If the DA of the first 10 results exceeds 65, the new blog with a DA value of 0 will not go to the first page, so it will not get visits. However, if you see a website with a DA below 30 on the first page, you can use them to provide better content. If the SERP job history has not changed in the past six months, then the competition may be too fierce.

Review some key points of studying market demand:

  • Search more than 5,000 times per month.
  • The keyword difficulty score is less than 0.4.
  • At least one site on the Google homepage has a DA below 30.
  • Recently changed SERP job history.

“Experts” tell you to continue writing, but you should put your experience in the areas of audience budget potential, professional influence and market demand.

Imagine if you are the CEO of a company, what should you pay more attention to? It is the market, users, and profit models, not the specific lines of code.

In the final analysis: passion does not create money, but money creates passion. If you want to make money, stop “passion” creation first.

Operation Expand Your Blog

Stop writing a lot and start expanding your blog. Writing is essential, but “the wine is also afraid of deep alleys.” Many good products but no way to let more people use the key lies in operations.

Most personal blogs are more focused on writing, and do not focus more on operations. Why are companies willing to spend high salaries to hire excellent sales staff? Because this link is really important. The personal blog of technicians is more likely to overlook the importance of operational promotion.

The main components of the operation:

  • Build and expand relationships
  • Visitor message
  • Outgoing
  • Backlink
  • Repeat the above steps indefinitely

Why are there chambers of commerce and alliances? It is that everyone holds the firewood high. By screening high-weight blogs, and then building relationships with them, you can spread the content you create on sites with higher weight through forwarding, message, and friendly links.

And what is the basis of the relationship? You can provide value to others, which provides the screening criteria. For example, if you want to publish your article on a website and retain the link to this website, then the article you provide must be valuable, at least to make up for the lack of content on their blog.

Content matching and audience matching can make up for the lack of content in their blogs, which is the best standard for expanding their blogs through peers.

After establishing such a relationship, the search engine will do the rest for you, and you can quickly get traffic and weights.

Core refining: Establishing links is the most difficult SEO strategy to master and the most valuable. Find ways to expand your website to build more links.

How to make a profit

When content is available, visitors and traffic are available, in fact, profitability is natural. There are many ways to make money through a blog: marketing alliances, advertising, one-to-one coaching, consulting, physical sales, e-book sales, online courses, knowledge payment, etc.

In the process of making money, you also need to have a timetable, to carry out different operations.

The newly established website is meaningless even if the entire website is full of ads, because there is no traffic, and it will hinder the development of traffic. The same is true for affiliate marketing, as long as a one-time sale is reached when a certain user base is reached.

Internet marketing, online courses, advertising revenue and digital products, which can generate “passive income”, may take years, but after all, “after sleep” income.

If you want to make money in a short time? Then you can consider the following methods: high-end consulting, membership products. Then came online courses, advertisements, membership products, etc.

And high-end consulting mainly depends on your long-term professional knowledge accumulation, and member products also require professional output. High-end consulting can provide one-on-one counseling to individuals and internal training for enterprises. The membership products are similar to the service products purchased for a year like the Knowledge Planet.

In the entire profitable process, you can refer to the law:

  1. Low traffic x high price = high traffic x low price

When the flow is low, provide high-priced service products. When the flow is submitted, you can choose low-priced products.

How much money can your blog make?

If you are blogging through passion creation, you may not have any income at all. But if you run your blog like a business, a successful blog can earn 7 figures per year.

Now, it’s time to start your blog journey. Of course, if you have a more effective solution, you can also share it with everyone.


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