How to make money through blogging experience of the top 10 successful Bloggers

A blog is not just a website with words, it is also a “brand” to solve problems. It’s hard to make money when you first start a business, why? Because no one trusts your brand.

How to make money through blogging experience of the top 10 successful Bloggers

The solution is simple, providing engaging content to build a large audience. Once your blog traffic and subscribers have increased, here are the most effective ways you can monetize your blog:

  • Recommend goods or services and earn commissions. For example, Amazon product recommendation, Ebates online shopping cashback, etc.
  • Google Adsense ads on the site
  • Sell ​​courses
  • Do training etc.

How to make money with blogs: lessons learned from 23 successful blogs

Browsing some of today’s most influential and down-to-earth blogs, you will most likely resonate with some of them and apply their experience to your blog, which may change your life forever.

1.  Gary Vaynerchuck  – down-to-earth entrepreneurs will change your life

Gary is a proud “D” student who helped his father develop his liquor store into a £60 million business. He left the wine industry and started his own digital agency, which has now generated more than $100 million.

Today, he uses his blogs, vlogs, and podcasts to inspire entrepreneurs of all ages and give them complete control over their favorite lives.

Experience: Be patient to build a successful business.

2.  Pat Flynn  – Jedi on the Internet, try new ideas without fear

Pat built several websites, wrote many books, and launched many podcasts. His blog is one of the most popular sites for novices and experienced entrepreneurs. Despite Pat’s success, he is still humble and willing to help others.

Experience: Don’t let fear stop you from getting out of the comfort zone.

3.  John Lee Dumas  – Entrepreneur in full swing, inspiring others with his voice

John is the host of EOFire, an award-winning business podcast interviewing top entrepreneurs. He interviewed some successful entrepreneurs, such as Gary Vanichuk, Tony Robbins, etc. John is also the author of the number one book on Amazon Podcast. He is a good example of what happens when you chase your dreams and stick to your promises.

Experience: follow a course until success (focus).

4.  J Money  – Rock star money expert who injects “cool” into finance

J. Money is an award-winning personal finance blog, company advisor and Money rockstar. He injected a “fun” personality into his blog, adding a “cool” feeling to personal finance. He is the founder of RockstarFinance, a personal financial directory full of useful resources. J sharing new ideas about money will make you think for a few days.

Experience: Enjoy your blog, stand out, and create engaging content.

5.  Mr. Money Mustache  – The bludgeon blog will change your financial lifestyle

Mr. MM’s goal is to help you live a “mixed ball” life. He has unique money-saving ideas, such as halving your grocery bills, and DIY solar panels. There are no “general” articles in his blog, only thorough and thoughtful ideas. Mr. MM is financially independent, if you dare to listen, he is willing to share his secret.

Experience: Focus on your needs and think about your dream life.

6.  Sam  – Thoughtful bloggers share smart insights

Sam is a blogger and real estate investor. His blog has gained millions of views and has been published in magazines such as Forbes, Life Hack, and CNBC. Sam delves into topics such as real estate, retirement planning and career strategy. Read his blog and discover why it is “worthy of bookmarking”.

Experience: Continue to invest in yourself and make better preparations for the future.

7.  Joshua Dorkin  – a persistent entrepreneur who never loses hope

Joshua is a well-known entrepreneur and speaker, and he has reported in major publications. He has established the country’s largest real estate investment blog and is a co-host of the big pockets podcast. He is the ultimate role model you can achieve when you pursue your dreams. His blog is one of the few who has achieved financial independence in the real estate sector.

Experience: No matter who tries to stop you, work hard towards your goal.

8.  Ramit Sethi  – The “cool” teacher will help you reach a higher level

Lamit is a best-selling author of the New York Times. He is proud of being different, which is why he likes to give away £98 of material for free. His content is worthy of revelry and will bring you awesome things. If you are ready to master your inner psychological or financial situation, then check out Ramit’s blog.

Experience: As long as you are willing to work, there is always a way to get what you want.

9.  Paula Pant  – entrepreneur who ventures for freedom

Paula is a writer, speaker, and freedom enthusiast. Soon after finding her “dream” job, she knew it would not provide the freedom she longed for. Today, Paula has achieved financial independence by establishing many sources of income. Her writing style is fascinating and will make you question your limited beliefs.

Experience: It is worth taking the risk to live the life you want.

10.  Steve  – retire early and take a position fearlessly

Steve achieved financial independence 30 years before the typical American. You can find his work on major websites such as Forbes and Business Insider. Currently, Steve has written detailed content on his blog to help readers achieve financial independence. If you want to save money, or want to retire early, you will like Steve’s blog.

Experience: Plan ahead to achieve your desired goals.


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